Final Wisc. Models still look blue

The final Wisconsin Models tend to speak for themselves…so, I’ll move on to Pennsylvania:


Clinton 47.8% (-0.2%)

Trump 41.4% (+0.1%)

  • This one is ending as Likely Clinton.


Feingold 49.7% (-1.6%)

Johnson 43.2% (-0.2%)

  • This one has narrowed just a bit at the end, but it’s still a pretty solid Leans Feingold. (It has more data volatility than the Presidential race, hence the closer rating.)

Polls in Current Models: PPP (11.01); Marquette (10.31); Remington (11.02; 10.30, via RCP; 10.22; via RCP); Emerson (10.28); PPP (10.19); Monmouth (10.18); WPR/St. Norbet (10.16); Marquette (10.09); CBS/YouGov (10.07); Gravis (10.04).

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